The OMM iPhone Meditation App: Your Experiences and Ideas

20th June 2014

Welcome to users of the new One-Moment Meditation iPhone app. Please share your experiences, feedback, and ideas for future features.

Announcing the First Ever One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat

13th March 2014

Sounds like an oxymoron? This will be the first One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat. Spend three days in the gorgeous Hollyhock Retreat Center learning how to meditate quickly.

Tips on Taking a Test: How Can You Control Anxiety?

13th March 2014

Learning how to control anxiety could be one of the best tips on taking a test you will ever find. If you want to be a high-performance learner (and test taker), this article shows you how learning to meditate quickly could be the best possible investment of your time.

What’s the difference between a One-Minute Meditation and a One-Moment Meditation?

12th July 2012

When researching and writing my book, One-Moment Meditation, I thought long and hard about whether the first exercise should be a ten-minute meditation or a five-minute meditation or a one-minute meditation.  I thought even more about the difference between a minute and a moment. And there is indeed a big difference. Get Started with a One-Minute […]

Win a free place on OMM365 – May 2012

25th May 2012

I am delighted to announce a chance for you to win a free place on OMM365, the premium online course in One-Moment Meditation. OMM365 gives you 52 short audio lessons – audio files that I have personally written and recorded . These are delivered once a week for a whole year.  These are yours to download and […]

Anxiety and Cancer

25th April 2012

Every day, it is more and more obvious to me how much money could be saved in healthcare by promoting meditation. First of all, meditation could help cut down on patient visits and psychosomatic complaints. Then of course there are all the stress-related conditions that can be helped by meditation. (More info on meditation for […]

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