A Mindfulness App for Apple Watch

3rd April 2015

                      Delighted to announce that we have built a version of our free One-Moment Meditation app for the Apple Watch … and it will be ready to go when the watch is released on April 24. In a world of increasing distraction, maybe this will help […]

The OMM iPhone Meditation App: Your Experiences and Ideas

20th June 2014

Welcome to users of the new One-Moment Meditation iPhone app. Please share your experiences, feedback, and ideas for future features.

Announcing the First Ever One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat

13th March 2014

Sounds like an oxymoron? This will be the first One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat. Spend three days in the gorgeous Hollyhock Retreat Center learning how to meditate quickly.

Tips on Taking a Test: How Can You Control Anxiety?

13th March 2014

Learning how to control anxiety could be one of the best tips on taking a test you will ever find. If you want to be a high-performance learner (and test taker), this article shows you how learning to meditate quickly could be the best possible investment of your time.

What’s the difference between a One-Minute Meditation and a One-Moment Meditation?

12th July 2012

When researching and writing my book, One-Moment Meditation, I thought long and hard about whether the first exercise should be a ten-minute meditation or a five-minute meditation or a one-minute meditation.  I thought even more about the difference between a minute and a moment. And there is indeed a big difference. Get Started with a One-Minute […]

Win a free place on OMM365 – May 2012

25th May 2012

I am delighted to announce a chance for you to win a free place on OMM365, the premium online course in One-Moment Meditation. OMM365 gives you 52 short audio lessons – audio files that I have personally written and recorded . These are delivered once a week for a whole year.  These are yours to download and […]

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