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The Results are Clear:

Meditation Training in the Workplace provides tangible benefits including:

The result?

A ripple effect of benefits to your bottom line.

Unless you fail to get employee buy-in.

Without getting your employees excited about signing up and engaged to keep going, your completion rate drops, learning is not implemented, you don’t get results, and your investment is wasted.

So the question becomes:

Given that most people these days know that meditation is “good for you,” what stops employees from engaging fully in corporate meditation training?


Top 5 Reasons Why ‘Traditional’ Meditation Programs
Fail to Get Employee Buy-In


Reason #1: Employees believe they don’t have time.

Many meditation training programs require employees to practice at least fifteen minutes a day, but these days, that’s a lot of time. Because of this, your employees, not able to imagine finding that much time in their already crowded schedules, simply won’t try these programs or won’t be able to keep practicing.


Reason #2: Employees worry that they can’t sustain a meditative state.

Ironically, for many people, the length of time required by most meditation programs induces anxiety. On top of this, with longer practice periods, many people become hyper-aware of their failings (invading thoughts and an inability to focus), rather than becoming aware of their moments of success.


Reason #3: Employees have unreasonably high expectations.

Many people think that meditation means achieving ‘perfect peace’ or ‘nirvana’-a complete personal transformation. But this mental frame can cause a negative spiral, resulting in a feeling of failure-goals aren’t met and employees no longer want to meditate. Why? Research shows that training works best if people create new habits in small, incremental ways. And our research shows that learning meditation works better when you realize that you can simply choose to put yourself in a more beneficial state of mind right now.


Reason #4: Employees believe they need to find a perfect place in which to meditate.

Most media images of meditation show people meditating in places that are perfectly serene and beautiful—places that look nothing like our daily lives. This causes many people to believe that they need to find somewhere peaceful in order to meditate. They don’t realize they can meditate in a stressful time or stressful place—when they need it most.


Reason #5: Employees don’t resonate with the typical meditation ‘lingo’

Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to sit cross-legged on the floor, chant a mantra, or burn flowery incense. And many meditation programs and teachers fail to reach exactly those people who need the most help, simply because they have not adapted their traditional practices to modern life or adapted their language to be inclusive of the true diversity of belief systems in a modern workplace.


One-Moment Meditation helps people break through these barriers by:


Most of all, One-Moment Meditation leverages
the enormous power of just one moment of focused attention
to effect change.

For example …

No time?  No problem.

One-Moment Meditation takes just one minute a day-or less.

One-Moment Meditation is easily integrated into gaps in the busiest of days-allowing for no-excuse implementation and high completion rates. Even the busiest person has a minute.

Better still, it encourages employees to meditate not in some faraway time or place but right when and where they need it most. They can grab a moment whenever they need to focus their attention or prepare for an important meeting, or whenever they feel overwhelmed by stress.

In developing One-Moment Meditation, Martin Boroson distilled meditation to its core, knowing that most people won’t even TRY something they believe takes a long time. This is why so many people find One-Moment Meditation immediately attractive. Indeed, the most common response we get from employees when they first hear about One-Moment Meditation is: “I can do that!”

The result?

Your employees learn that they can “re-tune” their state of mind and get on top of mental stress and emotional turmoil quickly. Your employees thank you for making this truly life-changing skill available to them.



If you are ready to try a complimentary demonstration of our training programs
lease call our Scheduling Coordinator, Vicky Likens, at +1 877 604-3242 or

send us an email.



How is it possible to achieve so much in a short amount of time?

One-Moment Meditation is grounded in the essential truth of meditation, so often overlooked, that the only thing that really matters is being present in this moment — right now, right here. And being present in this moment, right now, takes no time at all.

In other words:

Small change  → Big difference.

And we receive almost 100% positive feedback from users.

Hard to believe?  Here is some sample feedback from people after they have participated in a One-Moment Meditation training program at work, and have taken time to reflect on its impact:

Scroll Down to Read More Testimonials from Employees
who have received One-Moment Meditation training at Work


One-Moment Meditation is also validated by an increasing body of psychological research. Research demonstrates that training in One-Moment Meditation delivers a strong and measurable reduction in stress and improvement in resilience, including a 21% reduction in perceived stress.*

*Due to confidentiality agreements with our Fortune 500 clients, we are not permitted to publish all this research online. However, we can provide you with a high-level summary of the data, as well as references, on request.


If you are ready to try a complimentary demonstration of our training programs,
please call our Scheduling Coordinator, Vicky Likens, at +1 877 604-3242 or
send us an email.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I’m not sure if my company is  ready to make a major commitment to meditation training at work, how can I introduce it?

Not every company is ready to make a 100% commitment to promoting mindfulness for their staff (even if they know a happier, productive staff increases innovation and profit). So, what’s the best way to get started? We’ll work with you to generate measurable results with a small pilot group. We know that when the results speak for themselves, you get faster buy-in.

2. What formats are available for training?

We deliver OMM in a variety of formats, each designed to exceed expectations while matching your budget, aligning with your strategic commitments, and delivering measurable results.

When you contact us, we will work with you to find the right form of OMM training for your needs and to ensure that the habits created through OMM become embedded in your workforce culture—because the greater your employee buy-in, the higher your completion rate, and the more noticeable your results.

What are your options?

You might be surprised: There are many formats you can choose from, depending on your needs, your schedule, and how much you are ready to invest in transforming your workplace right now.


Webinars (Live)

Live webinars in One-Moment Meditation®, personally delivered by Martin Boroson, enable you to customize content for your unique culture and create buzz around a live event. A recording of the webinar can then be hosted on your intranet or Learning Portal.

Webinars (Off-the-Shelf)

This lower cost option still allows employees to be trained by Marty, with all the flexibility that a webinar offers. You simply license one of our off-the-shelf webinars in One-Moment Meditation® and host this on your intranet or Learning Portal.

Online Courses: “Meeting the Moment™”

These online training courses are our premium training product, but can still be scaled to your level of commitment. All courses give employees a short downloadable lesson each week (which they can listen to offline on their mp3 players—giving them a needed break from their computers), plus daily reminders by email offering one key meditation concept or tip. “Homework” takes just one minute a day.

Our online courses in One-Moment Meditation can be offered to a small group of employees or customized to become a unique product for your company. Customization options include a dedicated server, employee interaction, gamification, co-branding, and administration of the Perceived Stress Scale.

In-House Training

Each training session can be tailored to meet the needs of your company, focusing on the benefits of One-Moment Meditation for stress relief, health and wellness, innovation, or leadership. Sessions can be as long as a full day or as short as a lunch hour. Note that, as in-house training sessions are delivered personally by Martin Boroson, availability is limited. Please get in touch if you would like to be alerted when Marty will be in your area, or to schedule a special appearance.

For a personal consultation on your training needs, and the best starting point for your company, please contact our Scheduling Coordinator, Vicky Likens, at +1 877 604-3242 or email us here.


3. How can I get buy-in from our leadership?

First of all, you might be surprised: Many corporate leaders are already interested in meditation and mindfulness. They have already heard about the benefits of meditation for leadership and high performance and they may well thank you for bringing it to them. But to get your leadership started, we recommend two paths:




Not sure which of these training formats is just right for your organization?
Before you decide this is the right training for your employees,
please email 
our team for a complimentary consultation or call +1 877 604-3242.



More Testimonials from Grateful Employees




FOR a personal consultation on your training needs,

and the best starting point for your company,

please contact Vicky Likens at +1 877 604-3242 or email OMM Training HERE.


NEW!  Stop the Stresscalation™

Workplace stress is on the rise. And individual training sessions, sadly, don’t always transform the culture that causes stress. That’s why, for a small number of companies, we offer business management consulting services to help you create a Stop the Stresscalation™ campaign.  Our combination of self-empowerment and meditative techniques, plus playful and provocative workplace reinforcements, is designed to reduce stress and improve business performance and productivity.



For a complimentary consultation on your training needs

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