The OMM iPhone Meditation App: Your Experiences and Ideas

The One-Moment Meditation iOS app is now available to boost your mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve productivity.

The free OMM iOS is now live and is getting an fantastic response.

(Update, Dec 14 2014:  The Android version is now available, too!)

So how about some feedback?

I would love to hear about your experience of the current release. What do you like about it?  What would you change? How are you using it?  Who have you shared it with? I would also love to hear your ideas for what it could do. What could the app do? How else could it help you?

A technical point:  For legal reasons, any suggestions you post here become the property of OMM Training, LLC.  But you will have my profound gratitude … and the satisfaction of helping make meditation more portable, practical, playful … and available to many.

Thank you!

Please share your ideas here ↓

Stacy says:

I love and appreciate my OMM Meditation APP. The little ding and the face shrouded in peaceful blue… (does he have a name? He’s adorable and quite helpful to me. :) ) …both serve to put me in “the happy place”. Thank you!

Hi Stacy. Glad you like it. I tend to call him, “Little Guy.” Recently, however, my partner named him, “the chap in the app.”

Sissa says:

Waiting for android version!!!

No need to wait. It’s available NOW!

Mitch says:

i use this app just about everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day for Anxiety reduction. The Chap in the app makes me smile and I always feel much more relaxed and calm afterwards. I will definitely be getting the book. Thank you.

Thanks for your comment, Mitch. I’m delighted to hear the app has helped you with anxiety. I believe that there is something about having a very short meditation period, and a timed one, that is particularly helpful for people with anxiety. And a smile! Warmly, Marty

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