"Boroson takes the mystery out of meditation."

The Irish Independent

One-Moment Meditation training for healthcare professionals

Training in One-Moment Meditation has proven especially popular with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Training can be focused on stress reduction, decision-making, wellness, or patient care.

Here are some recent evaluations -- from major healthcare organizations -- of Martin Boroson's training in One-Moment Meditation:


Two-hour seminar for faculty physicians.

When asked if their training in One-Moment Meditation was "time well spent," 29.7% of the participating physicians and faculty members at UC Davis Medical Center agreed. Another 62.2% strongly agreed.


Opening Keynote at the Executive Development Seminar for Interim and Aspiring Leaders

When the physician-leaders who attended were asked if this program was of "high quality," 33% agreed and an additional 63% strongly agreed.


After a full-day CME for physicians (Oakland, CA):

  • 94% said they would recommend this to their patients.

  • 95% said they would recommend this to their colleagues.

To discuss the training needs of your hospital or medical center:

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Martin Boroson delivers a powerful experience in a remarkably short period of time. His workshop shows the busy professional how even brief efforts at increasing mindfulness can be a tremendous tool.

Edward J. Callahan, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Professor of Family and Community Medicine,
School of Medicine,
University of California, Davis

I so enjoyed your presentation and have been using your technique successfully. It really works!

Lynn Leary, Manager, Health Education and Employee Wellness,
Kaiser Permanente, Richmond

Once in a while, an idea worth integrating into personal and professional practice comes along. For physicians, "One-Moment Meditation," as created and presented by Martin Boroson, is a disarmingly accessible and unexpected powerful antidote to what many of us experience as the internal crush of daily medical practice. It's simple and immediately rewarding, both physically and mentally, and vastly worth integrating into our organization and our lives.

Laura Morgan, MD, Chair, Physicians Wellness Committee,
Kaiser Permanente, Oakland Regional Medical Center