Martin Boroson gives you an unconventional twist on the conventional keynote or conference workshop. His presentations on the "meditative mind" provide:

• Provocative new thinking on current events.

• Practical tools of benefit to all participants.

• Profound approaches to contemporary problems.

• Playful new takes on motivation and empowerment

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Sample topics:

Think, Wait, Fast
Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

In this time of great uncertainty, will we react with panic and anger? Or can we use this time to clarify our values and grow in wisdom? In this lecture, Martin draws on the novel Siddhartha by Herman Hesse to suggest skillful approaches to a period of anxiety, providing a modern philosophy and practical tips that can help you make the most of this time, and be truly ready for what is coming.

Leading in the Moment

Martin Boroson offers a radical new approach to leadership based on the ability of a the "meditative mind" to help you notice the moment, be in the moment and harness the power of the moment. This powerful approach helps you respond to change quickly, develop leadership presence, reduce stress, promote calm, and liberate momentum.

One-Moment Meditation
Stillness for People on the Go

The practice of meditation has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and improve our ability to take action. But so many people think they are too busy to do it, or don't know how to get started. In this presentation, Martin Boroson distills the practice of meditation into a simple, powerful exercise that you can do right where you are—at your desk, in the car, on a train, before a meeting, or even during a meeting. His message is that inner peace isn't a distant goal reserved for saints and sages, and it doesn't have to take a long time. It only takes a moment.

Discuss your conference needs:
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I can't recommend Martin Boroson highly enough. He avoids the "new-agey" jargon that is so irritating and off-putting with so many who talk about meditation techniques – he was down to earth, and even had a sense of humor. His presentation was unique in our series – fascinating, enjoyable, and inspiring.

JS Rafaeli, Lectures Director, Miller's Academy, London

Martin Boroson gave the opening keynote at the Association of Business Psychologist's annual conference 2009. He set the scene perfectly for the whole conference—inspiring us to access our power and potential. His work is truly impactful for those leaders who have experienced his way of thinking and, most importantly, way of being.

Jo Hennessy, Director of Research, Roffey Park; Co-organizer, Association of Business Psychologists Conference

Martin's philosophy hit a chord with all those looking to become better leaders. All attendees left with a peaceful expression on their faces.

Jelani Dotson, Coordinator, the Yale Club of San Francisco

From almost the first moment, Martin held his audience in safety, confidence and wonder. Martin's presence has
such an open quality that it is easy to let go of fear and anxiety.

Josie Sutcliffe, Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter