Meditation in a Crisis: Just When You Need It Most

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Though we often think that meditating requires a lot of time or a perfectly peaceful place, it is possible to meditate right in the middle of a crisis.

This was brought home to me powerfully by an email I received the other day from my dear friend, Joe Vassallo. Joe was visiting Paris and staying just a fifteen-minute walk from the Bataclan when the terrorist attack happened.

His email, below, refers to the One-Moment Meditation (OMM) mobile app, which sends out brief, occasional reminders to “take a moment”.

Joe wrote:

Dear Marty: 

One of your OMM reminders magically appeared shortly after I learned of the attacks on Friday night.

Whereas I often mentally file away such reminders, hoping to take a moment to meditate “later when I have time”, this time I immediately closed my eyes for a nice long moment.

It really grounded me instantly, and reminded me of your constant love and support.

Thank you, Joe, for sharing this story with me and allowing me to share it with others.

I am sure that it will inspire people to take a moment when they really, really need one, and even to realize that, when it comes to meditation, perhaps the time is always right, for deeper peace is available always.


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