"Boroson takes the mystery out of meditation."

The Irish Independent

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Boroson takes the mystery out of meditation."

- The Irish Independent

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Martin Boroson's fantastic book ... is all about learning to condense the practice of meditation into these fleeting moments. And about how, from a certain perspective, a sequence of fleeting moments are all we ever really have anyway."

- Oliver Burkeman, This Column Will Change Your Life, The Guardian

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"It's hard to overestimate how helpful this technique could be."

- Psychologies magazine

Transform Stress in 30 Days with One-Moment Meditation® for Oprah.com.

Transform Stress in 30 Days with One-Moment Meditation® for Oprah.co

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Having read several books about meditation, this one outdoes the others by far in its simplicity and results. ... Superbly written and well worth reading."
- Kindred Spirit

"This gem of a book is a marvelous launching pad for anyone who wants to rest in the now, the only time there is."

- Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Reinventing Medicine

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Boroson ... distills various aspects of mediation into several playful, practical techniques for use in situations from surprises to emergencies. Along the way, he talks about ... effective time management, proper breathing, and a host of other useful topics. Easy to read and easy to use, this is one for the bedside table."

- Organic Spa magazine

The Mail on Sunday

"A truly helpful book."

- Sarah Stacey, You Magazine, The Mail on Sunday

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"One-Moment Meditation is to the seeker what the Swiss Army knife is to the hiker: an essential tool for survival. Whether it's enlightenment or basic sanity we're after, attention to this very moment is key. Boroson eminently captures the terrain, and the places we can lose our footing, all the while providing a firm handhold."

- Barbara Joshin O'Hara, Sensei, The Village Zendo, New York

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"The aim of Boroson's work here is to encourage the reader to realize that meditation doesn't have to involve long periods of sitting on a cushion with incense and chanting; that pushing the "mental reset" button on the mind can take place in the space of a breath, anytime, anywhere. This isn't a "change your life and achieve enlightenment in 60 seconds or less" New Agey book; rather, it is a book filled with definite insight and probing genuine philosophical questions as they might apply to meditation"

- www.ElephantJournal.com

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Don't underestimate the potential of this unorthodox method for finding peace. ... One-Moment Meditation's short 160 pages are filled with wisdom and the kinds of insight that beg to be cut out and taped to the bathroom mirror. The message is delivered in a manner that is simple and entertaining; a therapeutic read, in itself calming and relaxing, with a clear introduction to what the practice of meditation is about. The techniques are simple, easy to incorporate, and serve to complement any other form of meditation."

- Change magazine

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"Packed with wisdom from cover to cover... Martin takes you on a journey that is all but guaranteeing that you will be able to surrender completely to your moments of meditation and apply them to everyday situations. ... This is something that I think just about any human being could take on, and it would definitely empower and lift the quality of one's experience on earth. A beautiful book."

- Regina Merideth, The Conscious Media Network

"Psychotherapist and Zen Buddhist Martin Boroson shows in this superbly clear and practical book how to become the master of each moment and find contentment right now - although you're not on holiday and haven't reached all your goals. It's aimed at those of us who are living too fast, who spend hours with our mobiles and our laptops and who never seem to have any mental space. Practising the ideas in the book will help you to become less stressed and better organised."

Adyar Bookshop Newsletter, Sydney Australia

Jim Davis

[from radio feature] "I found it quite inspirational. … It's brilliant. … People are busy, their lives are always on the move, rushing from meeting to meeting and place to place in taxis, buses [and] the opportunity then to find a moment of calm while you're doing that, I think it's incredibly appealing: I think you are really onto something here."

- Jim Davis, The Jim Davis Show, LBC radio, London

The Mail on Sunday: YOU magazine

"I was hooked before I had read the introduction! I must admit, I am a little tired of promises such as 'sort your life out in 10 minutes' magazine articles and book titles. We live in a fast-paced, instant gratification world where we seem to want to skim the surface of everything. The faster we can do it, the better it is.

However, in the introduction, Martin described ME and my life to a tee.

I felt as if I had had a conversation with him and he really understood me. He described how 30 minutes meditation can seem an impossible task. He explained how inner peace and clarity of thought should be available to us 24/7, not just during that 30 minute meditation session a day. Yipee - someone on my wavelength!

Martin explains the significance of 'one moment' and I found myself thinking back to many conversations with friends where I have told them they can choose to change their lives in any moment of any day. Typically, I need someone ELSE to tell *me* that!

In part one, he spends a lot of time describing how to focus for just one minute. The use of an alarm clock, as crazy as it seems, is invaluable in allowing yourself to fully submerge in your 'moment'. What I loved so much about Martin's writing, was that he insisted the reader did not get caught up in any sense of failure, pressure or duty. Ahhhhhhh, I could feel myself relaxing already. Setting myself up for failure is one of my favourite past times, and his words were salve to my ears.

Martin suggests slowing right down and not even getting onto part two until you have practised his suggestions for a month. I'm a Gemini dammit! (that means I'm full of curiosity and like a butterfly flitting from one thing to another for those who are not astrologically aware) so I'm going to skim through to the end, to see what treasures await me and then I will go back and read again.

I've been practising my 'moments' for a few days now and it gets easier and more enjoyable each time.
Get yourself a copy of this book. I have a feeling it will be one of the most profound books I have read for a long time."


"This was an intriguing book. I read it in about half a day, but if you followed the advice of the author and completed the practices recommended, it would take you between six and eight weeks just to complete chapter one.

The focus of the book is on how to generate a minute's calmness in otherwise busy days by developing a semi-meditational skill to practise for 60 seconds at a time. As the book progresses, this minute (with practice) shortens to the time it takes to draw a single breath, and then shortens even further to a moment of stillness.

I found the book an easy read, and a very timely and helpful reminder that no matter how many people are making demands on my time (whether in person or electronically), I can gain benefit from taking time out to literally draw breath and take stock for a minute.

Later sections of the book focus on various attitudes to time and timekeeping, and draw reference from various religions and philosophies.

The closing chapters look at a variety of situations in which this 'moment of stillness, calm and inner peace' can be found. It was at this point that I felt the advice being given was becoming overtly spiritual, and as such it will not suit all readers.

However, I found the opening chapter and the benefits of finding 'a minute of stillness' during your day to be a useful reminder of the importance of good self-management techniques."

Reviewed by Sue Chew, Director of Organisational Development, EDF Energy

"Busy people often have little time for relaxation, find it difficult to unwind at the end of the day, panic when important decisions are needed urgently, and feel they never have a minute to themselves. Recognise yourself, or someone you know? If so, please try what this little book has to offer, because it will only take a moment and will last you a lifetime.

The author, an American psychotherapist who now lives in the South Hams, is a psychotherapist, philosopher and spiritual teacher, and using very accessible and encouraging language he presents a simple but radical technique based on the practice of meditation.

Starting with a basic exercise that takes no longer than a timed minute, you quickly learn to appreciate what this focused minute is achieving. With practice, you find you are able to achieve clarity, calm and stillness in less and less time, ultimately in one breath, one moment."


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