One-Moment Meditation training for healthcare professionals

Training in One-Moment Meditation has proven especially popular with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Training can be focused on stress reduction, decision-making, wellness, or patient care. Here are some recent evaluations — from major healthcare organizations — of Martin Boroson’s training in One-Moment Meditation:UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER

Two-hour seminar for faculty physicians.

When asked if their training in One-Moment Meditation was “time well spent,” 29.7% of the participating physicians and faculty members at UC Davis Medical Center agreed. Another 62.2% strongly agreed.

Opening Keynote at the Executive Development Seminar for Interim and Aspiring Leaders
When the physician-leaders who attended were asked if this program was of “high quality,” 33% agreed and an additional 63% strongly agreed.


After a full-day CME for physicians (Oakland, CA):

For more information send an email or call +1 347 627 0455.

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