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  1. Make sure you are a member of Paypal.

  2. Make sure you are a member of OMM365 by contacting [email protected] to request affiliate status.

  3. Then go to the affiliates page and simply copy your unique Affiliate URL onto your website, email, Facebook page, or tweet. Then you will automatically get a commission on any payment to OMM365 made by a subscriber who signed up through that URL.

    OPTIONAL:  Yes, you can use a URL shortener, or you can create a custom webpage that forwards to your URL.

  4. When someone signs up for OMM365 using your URL, you will get notified by email.

  5. During the first week of each month, you will get paid automatically by Paypal for your previous month's earnings.

  6. Note that due to the one-month free trial that each new subscriber receives, you will not start earning a commission until the second month of a subscriber's membership.

  7. Please read the additional terms and conditions on the affiliates page.

  8. You can check your referrals and commissions at any time on the affiliates page.

  9. That's it!

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