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Can I do OMM and a longer meditation practice? (MartinBoroson)
posted Sat September 17th 2011 @ 12:56 AM

I am a big fan of longer forms of meditation, and enjoy practicing them. But OMM is different. It is about learning to meditate quickly, and then doing this in situations where and when you would not normally think of meditating. The goal is to see moments of meditation as simply part of life, and realize that you are able to change your state of mind quickly - without a long meditation.

If you are just getting started with this course, the instructions for OMM may at first seem similar to what you are already practicing. But in time, I think you will see that OMM adds something unique and useful to your practice.

But please do practice them separately. (If you add a one-minute meditation to a thirty minute meditation, you will just get a thirty-one minute meditation, and that is missing the point!) Read More »

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