Is Stress Contagious?

5th May 2011

For National Stress Awareness Month, I wrote two articles here about how we pick up stress from others and pass it on-what I called “stresscalation.” I argued that we have an ethical obligation to stop our own role in this stresscalation. But could we also play a role in stopping the stresscalation that we find […]

The Stress Stops Here

17th April 2011

When we pass stress on to others, we create a more stressful world. It doesn’t matter how we got stressed in the first place, or whose fault it was originally. As soon as we’re stressed, it is our responsibility, and what we do with it is up to us. When we bring our stress forward, […]

Stop the Stresscalation

7th March 2011

It is so easy to get stressed these days. Watching the news makes you stressed. Checking the weather makes you stressed. Then there are the thousand shocks you must bear just in going about your daily life: You are driving and someone cuts you off. Your boss barks at you. All the salespeople are surly. […]

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