Meditation in a Crisis: Just When You Need It Most

Paris Eiffel - Large
24th November 2015

Yes, you can meditate right in the middle of a crisis. Here is an account from one of our app users, just after the attack in Paris.

Announcing the First Ever One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat

13th March 2014

Sounds like an oxymoron? This will be the first One-Moment Meditation Residential Retreat. Spend three days in the gorgeous Hollyhock Retreat Center learning how to meditate quickly.

Anxiety and Cancer

25th April 2012

Every day, it is more and more obvious to me how much money could be saved in healthcare by promoting meditation. First of all, meditation could help cut down on patient visits and psychosomatic complaints. Then of course there are all the stress-related conditions that can be helped by meditation. (More info on meditation for […]

Emergency Stress Relief

Pulling the Pin
10th April 2012

When you’re under stress, it is so tempting to fantasize about being not stressed. You imagine feeling peaceful and relaxed later-when you get home from work, or when this project is finished, or when this exam is over, or when you get to the beach, or maybe when the kids grow up, or maybe when […]

Take the Vow 2012: The Stress Stops Here

hands raised w border
4th April 2012

Last year, for National Stress Awareness Month, I published a series of articles here about how stress can be contagious. And I asked readers to vow not to pass their stress on to others for one day. This year, for National Stress Awareness Day, I want to raise the stakes. I want you to take […]

How to Have a Happy Hurricane

27th August 2011

Let me be brief, as there is a hurricane coming and I have lots to do. But I really need to say this: Over the last two days, I have heard many politicians and emergency officials on the East Coast reminding us to be “smart” or “cautious.”  But I wish that one of them would […]

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