The Embrace of the Moment

14th March 2011

There’s a lot of talk these days about “being in the moment,” “living in the now” or “going with the flow.” Much of this talk implies that life should just be a perpetual party…that the moment is just about the upside of life. Personally, when I’m having a hard day and someone tells me to […]

Compassion is Good for You

14th March 2011

A friend of mine once remarked that when he is feeling most compassionate, he feels the best. Or in other words, “Nothing feels better than compassion.” I like this idea, for two reasons: First, it suggests that compassion is something to do for our sake, rather than for someone else, or because we think it will […]

Stop the Stresscalation

7th March 2011

It is so easy to get stressed these days. Watching the news makes you stressed. Checking the weather makes you stressed. Then there are the thousand shocks you must bear just in going about your daily life: You are driving and someone cuts you off. Your boss barks at you. All the salespeople are surly. […]


7th March 2011

At the heart of any attempt to use meditation in the field of leadership development is the idea of self-management. First, this means just being able to be appropriately in charge of your own mind, guaranteeing your ability to focus, solve problems, and behave appropriately.  At a deeper level, it means being able to develop […]

The Basic Minute

7th March 2011

Although the purpose of One-Moment Meditation is to help you to experience deep peace in just a moment, we start with a minute because a moment goes by so quickly that you’d have to be a master to notice one. A minute, however, is like a moment with handles on it. You know where it […]

The Anger Meditation - Part 2

5th March 2011

Here’s how to do it the Anger Meditation. (For background on this meditation, see The Anger Meditation, Part 1.) You must first pledge not to express or act on your anger for the duration of this exercise, and for a little while afterward. The reason for this is that this technique might make you feel even […]

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