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Introducing the One-Moment Meditation App

Breathe. Let go. Be still.

With the One-Moment Meditation App, you can learn to meditate quickly and powerfully, finding balance and calm wherever you are … even if you’ve never meditated before.

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Why Meditate with One-Moment Meditation?


Download the OMM app today and discover the power of one moment to  reduce stress and change the course of your day. Additional Features (all in the Free Version)

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Based on the Book, now in Thirteen Languages

One Moment Meditation author, Martin Boroson, has one goal: to help people break through the time barrier and find a deep source of peace and inspiration right now.

He has created training programs for senior executives, major corporations and healthcare providers—training programs that are showing a 25% reduction in stress and improvement in resilience.

Now, the benefits of a meditative practice are only a few taps away with the One Moment Meditation app.


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