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One-Moment Meditation®
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Why did I create OMM365?

Everybody knows that meditation is “good for you.”

It’s right up there with going to the gym, saving for your retirement, and flossing.

Yet many people have trouble getting started, or they try to meditate and fail, or they are just too busy for “twenty minutes, twice a day.”

For all these people, One-Moment Meditation has been revolutionary.

And yet many people, having read my book or attended one of my lectures, have asked me for more help. They asked me to help them learn One-Moment Meditation gradually and more deeply. They wanted my support and coaching, on a regular basis, to help them deepen their experience and make “taking a moment” a way of life.

A Year of Moments
Martin BorosonThat’s why I created OMM365. I believe that OMM365 is the very best way to learn One-Moment Meditation. It gives you training a little bit at a time, spread out over a whole year.

The key concept is that small experiences can give big results. This is especially true if these small experiences are repeated and develop gradually over time.

A Guided Experience
I will be your guide for this “year of moments,” and I am committed to ensuring that you get what you need from this course – whether that is reducing stress, improving focus, enhancing your ability to listen, finding more space in your schedule, or realizing that deep peace is always available to you, right now.

In addition, through the One-Moment Meditation Community, you will also get the support of a whole community of momentary meditators—other people who are applying One-Moment Meditation in all sorts of ways and places—hospitals, law firms, board rooms, improving their relationships, taking tests, and raising their children.

Remember, at the heart of One-Moment Meditation is the idea that each moment has momentous potential, and that that potential is available to you in this moment, right now.
I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Martin BorosonOMM

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